Grant W. Grubbs

I attend Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, New York as a fifth-year software engineering student. I am also minoring in computer engineering and criminal justice. My cumulative GPA is 3.67. Below, you will find some of the courses I have taken at RIT.

Course Course Name Required
SWEN-101 SE Freshmen Seminar Yes
CRIM-110 Intro to Criminal Justice No
CSCI-140 Comp Science for AP Students Yes
MATH-181A Calculus I Yes
SWEN-250 Personal Software Engineering Yes
CSEC-101 Fundamentals of Comp Sec No
MATH-190 Discrete Math for Computing Yes
MATH-182A Calculus II Yes
SWEN-261 Intro to Software Engineering Yes
SWEN-220 Mathematical Models of SW Yes
CSCI-262 Intro to Comp Science Theory Yes
PHYS-211A University Physics I Yes
SWEN-262 Engineering of SW Subsystems Yes
CMPE-160 Digital System Design I No
CRIM-489 Wrongful Convictions in Criminal Justice No
PHYS-212 University Physics II Yes
SWEN-256 SW Process and Project Management Yes
CMPE-250 Intro to Embedded Systems No
CMPE-663 Real-Time and Embedded Systems No
STAT-205 Applied Statistics Yes
SWEN-331 Engineering Secure Software Yes
SWEN-352 Software Testing Yes
CMPE-350 Computer Organization No
SWEN-444 Human Centered Requirements and Design Yes
SWEN-561 Senior Project I Yes
CMPE-550 Computer Architecture No
SWEN-565 Performance Engineering of Real-Time and Embedded Systems No
SWEN-440 SW System Requirements and Architecture Yes